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Original Touring Superleggera Pin Jacket.
€ 30,00
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Chemise oxford, long sleeves , neck botton down , enbroidery of Touring Superleggera emblem on the left pocket.
Sizes available: Small ( 38 neck size) - Medium (40 neck size) - Large ( 42 neck size) - Xlarge ( 44 neck size) - XXLarge (46 neck size) - XXXL ( 48 neck size).
Contribution 50,00 euro + contribution for shipment
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Polo, embroidered  Touring Logo
Available sizes  S - M - L - XL - XXL
€ 50,00
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Polo long sleeves: 100% lisle cotton , pocket, embroidered  Touring Logo,made in italy, blue navy colour.
Available sizes  S - M - L - XL - XXL
€ 70,00
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T-Shirt Touring Superleggera with stamped logo on the front Colour Blue Navy
€ 25,00
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Sweater, 100% merinos  wool , blue , embroidered  Touring Logo.
Available sizes:  S - M - L - XL - XXL
€ 85,00
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Windstop Jacket, touring logo embroidery.
Available sizes:  S - M - L - XL - XXL
€ 90,00
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Radiator Touring Plate
€ 55,00
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Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera
Autore: Giovanni Bianchi Anderloni


For all lovers of vintage cars, the Touring Superleggera body is synonymous with elegance and refinement, combined with aerodynamic efficiency. The whole history of the Touring is enclosed in this new work signed by Giovanni Bianchi Anderloni, grandson of the founder Felice and son of the successor Carlo Felice, realized thanks to the family archive and the support of the major national archives and a wide circulation of magazines. era.

The work is in two volumes, with over 750 pages and more than 1300 photos, finely bound with a box.

A great book that is a real immersion in Italian style thanks to the historical reconstruction and many images, drawings, sketches, advertisements.

Numbered edition of 999 pieces.

size 28x24 cm, hardcover, two volumes with box

Members price € 240,00

Book available in Italian and English version
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Il Signor Touring
Author: Ing. Giacomo Tavoletti
Pages255, colori and b/w photos
Ed. Automobilia
€ 110,00
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VHS or DVD: interviews with Ing. Bianchi Anderloni
€ 30,00
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