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Council's members, in charge for three years: 2012 to 2015:

Presidente del Registro

Dott. Franco Bruno Ronchi


Dott. Alberto Bianchi Anderloni

Conservatore del Registro

Ing. Giovanni Bianchi Anderloni


Sig. Uberto Pietra

Segreteria del Registro

Dott.ssa Alessandra Giorgetti


Ing. Giovanni Bianchi Anderloni
Dott. Leonardo Freyrie
Dott.ssa Alessandra Giorgetti
Dott. Carlo Giudice
Sig. Guido Lamperti
Sig. Uberto Pietra

Revisore dei conti

Rag. Aldo Rizzi
Dott. Alfredo Azzini
Geom. Giampiero Travaini

International P.R.

Sig. Giampaolo Cellai

Program Year 2018

The Registry will be present at Automotoretro' in Turin with its own stand in Pavilion 2.

This year the host of the competition will be the FIAT.
We will also accept cars from other manufacturers built before 1975, for registration please contact the Competition Secretariat (to be contacted in the name of the Registry): Ms. Gibertini
o Mr Alessandro tel. 0536/871788 fax 0536/872160-873242-e.mail info@hoteltermesalvarola.it

22-25 March: ESSEN - Germany FAIR
The Register will be present with its own stand for the first time at the important German International Fair of Historic Cars.

28 March - 10 April 2018: KYOTO ELEGANCE COMPETITION
Over 20 Soci Touring cars will be present in Japan, guests of the Competition during one of the most suggestive periods of the year, driving with their cars from Kyoto to Tokyo during the period of the flowering of the Peach.

13-15 April 2018: RADUNO DI PRIMAVERA
The Superlight Touring "Between the Sea, the Romagna Hills and the Republic of San Marino"
As we have already collected a large number of entries, we recommend that all those interested in joining as soon as possible by 28 February 2018

Our Member Ugo Amodeo, President of the organizing Club, invites Touring members to participate in the event.
The event has been very successful in past editions.
Please contact CAMEP tel+fax 07536000 www.camep.it

May 12-13, 2018: 4th Elegance Competition at the Villa Reale in Monza: "Cars: Elegance and Style of the 20th Century"
Organization of Mams Friends of the Autodrome.
For registration: Dr. Sciarrone tel 393 6945415 Secretary MAMS Mail: f.sciarrone@alice.it

19-21 October 2018: Autumn Meeting - Lombardy
Meeting at the end of the season to greet us with our cars in Lombardy.
For the occasion the Municipality of Eupilio will name a park to Ing. Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni, for several years residing in the Municipality, unforgettable Patron of the TouringSuperleggera Body and Founder of the Register.
For the occasion, we will visit the Alfa Blueteam, an important private collection of Alfa Romeo and Maserati, and the Lopresto Collection. We thank in advance our members: Salvetti Family and Corrado Lopresto for their availability

25-28 October 2018: PADOVA FAIR
The Register will be present at the Padua Fair in Pavilion 1, one of the most important European exhibitions of historic motor racing, where Touring masterpieces will be exhibited that will give certain visibility and importance to the Bodywork and our Register.

23-25 November 2018: Milano AUTOCLASSICA
At the Fiera di Milano Rho-Pero the Registry will be present with its own stand

Program Year 2017

The Register will be present with his own stand in Pavillion 2 for deliverying the book “Carrozzeria Touring “ to our members.

This year Concours of Elegance Salvarola Terme will celebrate special guest Lancia Aurelia. All model cars and brands produced within 1975 are accepted , subscription within 31/febr/2017.
For any information contact directly secretary of the Concours : Sig.ra Gibertini o Sig. Alessandro
tel. 0536/871788 - fax: 0536/872160-873242
e.mail: info@hoteltermesalvarola.it

7-8-9 April 2017: Spring Touring meeting
Le Touring Superleggera nel Canavese“Tra Fortificazioni, Artigianato e Viticoltura”
Please send subscription as soon as possible, we have many reservations

29-30 April 2017: 3rd Concours d’Eleganza alla Villa Reale Monza:”Le Auto: Eleganza e stile del XX secolo”
Mams Amici organization of the motordrome Autodromo,di Monza will be involved and your direct contact for subscription Dott. Sciarrone tel 393 6945415 Mail: f.sciarrone@alice.it

Our Member Ugo Amodeo Presidente del CAMEP organizing the event invites all Touring members to participate with a special reserved offer. Please contact him directly as Touring: CAMEP tel+fax 07536000 www.camep.it

29-30 September 1 Ottobre 2017- Autumn Touring Meeting:
Our ending season meeting will be in Alto Adige e Val Gardena

26-29 October 2017 FIERA DI PADOVA:
Registro Touring, we will present:in Padova Exhibition, in the pavillion, 1, Touring models will present our glorious past

24-26 November 2017: Milano AUTOCLASSICA
In Fiera di Milano Rho-Pero the Register will be there with his own stand


Registro Internazionale Touring Superleggera was created with the mission of joining in one single internazional Club all the collectors and fans of the Touring Body Shop and with the pourpose of keeping track of all Touring Superleggera vehicles produced along the years.

In the pursuit of this goal, we created an archive containing the following elements: chassis, bodywork and engine serial number, year, vehicle description and colors, inside and outside photos.
Register members and anyone with knowledge about the existence of a Touring vehicle are kindly invited to let any available detail:
Registro Internazionale Touring Superleggera
Via Carducci 38 - 20019 Settimo Milanese (MI) - Italy
As of today, the archive contains about 2500 vehicles, filed by letters and numbers, where letters stand for brands (from A = Alfa Romeo to Z = Talbot).

The Register is obviously digitally stored and it contains the following categories: brands,  known owners, chassis and bodywork numbers.

Interesting information on the Touring production emerged by analyzing the Register's data processed on the computer. At the moment we can indicate with a certain approximation the body work numbers which we have identified for each year. This approximation will slowly reduce as other automobile registrations are going to take place. We have to take into consideration that the Touring Body Shop assigned lot numbers to a car production and these numbers could exit from the factory even after the production of other body work to which they were already assigned.

Year Chassis Year Chassis
1926-1927* 0-200*   1949 3200-3400
1928* 200-400*   1950 3400-3580
1929* 400-650*   1951 3580-3600
1930* 650-900*   1952 3600-3700
1931* 900-1170*   1953 3700-4000
1932 1180-1300   1954 4000-4250
1933 1300-1500   1955 4250-4550
1934 1500-1700   1956 4550-4830
1935 1700-1800   1957 4830-5030
1936 1800-1950   1958 5030-5150
1937 1950-2013   1959 5150-
1938 2014-2200   1961 8100-10500
1939 2200-2300   1962 10500-12600
1940** 2300-2350**   1963 12600-
1941** 2350-2450**   1964 -
1942-1945** 2450-2800**   1965 13400-15200
1946 2800-2826   1966 15200-19000
1947 2850-3080   1967 19000-23000
1948 3080-3200      

 * Numbering seems to have started at Number 1001 and to continue up until 1999. The first few bodies known of, have in fact a four digit number in various points, mean while it isn't possible that the factory had produced 1000 bodies only in the year of 1927 because number 1331 was found in a vehicle of 1928. At this point we should return to 1000 and continue because the vehicles after 1931 clearly had numbers from 1000 on.

** During World War II the Touring Baby Shop continued its body work production. Even though production slowed down, Touring constructed various products such as bicycles or fairing outboard motors and acquired military orders for airplane parts.