Peru Tour

29 October / 10-12 November 2018


During the prestigious and exciting experience in Japan with our Touring cars, protagonists of victories in all categories of the International Competition of Kyoto 2018, have aroused the interest of the passionate Japanese people.
Our Peruvian member Miguel Nicolini, present with his Alfa Romeo 1900 SS of 1955, has publicly launched an invitation to visit Peru.
Participants immediately joined the project that we decided to extend to all members. The trip is placed in the 2019 program of the Registry, from 29 October to 12 November, so as to include the holidays of early November. It is not necessarily required to participate with a historic car in tow.
The relevant altitudes of the places we will visit, will not give us, in fact, the opportunity to travel with our cars, considering the problem that the high seas could cause to our carburetors.
It is however appreciated the availability of our members participating in the trip who will offer their availability to Miguel Nicolini to bring Touring cars, representing the Registry, to be exhibited at the Embassy and the Institutional Offices in Lima.
We invite those who are interested to get in touch directly with Miguel Nicolini. E-mail:
The program will touch the most famous places of Peru: from the capital Lima, Ballestas Islands with sea lions and penguins, to Cuzco and Machu Picchu.
Miguel Nicolini has prepared the general program that we attach that will allow us to live a Peru not just as tourists.

The cost of the Peru Travel Package as per the attached program is
euro € 2.500,00 per person
(if a down payment has been made, it will be deducted)
directly to the Iban IBAN /ACCOUNT account: IT12 O 0623009480000030645535 payable to Mr Miguel Nicolini De La Puente
no later than 15 February 2019 p.v.
A copy of the same must be sent to the Registry Office with personal data such as the registration form on the back.

We will travel by bus, and for this reason participation is limited to 60 people.
For the Italian members, as already experienced for Japan, we will organize a collective departure by plane from Milan Malpensa to Lima.
Our secretariat will deal with the most favorable rate with the companies that practice the route. We will send the conditions and coordinates for the booking of the flight to the booked participants.
Foreign members will be in Lima directly on the date scheduled in the program, approximately Tuesday 29 October.
We would like to thank the member Miguel Nicolini for this special invitation, which will allow us to cement even more that spirit of group and friendship that has seen us share an unforgettable trip to Japan.



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